Sinigang na Inihaw na Liempo

Try this delicious take on our classic Filipino sour soup! Sinigang na Inihaw na Liempo, made with grilled pork belly, vegetables, and tamarind broth is a delicious medley of smoky and tangy flavors. Serve with steamed rice or enjoy on its own for the perfect cold day comfort food.

Table Of Contents
Do you love sinigang but craving a bit of variety? This sinigang na inihaw na liempo is a simple but delicious recipe to take our classic Filipino sour soup up a notch.

Grilling the pork belly first before finishing it off in the usual sinigang fixings is an easy way to level up this otherwise everyday dish. The meat’s smoky flavor and the tamarind’s sour notes marry into a delectable medley that’s sure to hit the spot!

Ingredient notes
Pork– the best cut to use is the belly which grills easier and quicker and has a good mix of fat and meat for flavor
Tomatoes– I like to use the Roma variety as I find them juicier and sweeter
Vegetables– the recipe includes the usual sinigang fixings such as bok choy, yard beans, okra, radish, and eggplant, but feel free to use other leafy greens such as kangkong (water spinach) or mustard leaves.
Gabi– also called taro; adds texture and helps thickens the broth
Tamarind– you can use fresh pods, powder base, or paste
Finger chili peppers– siling haba or pangsigang is optional, but recommended if you want to add a mild heat

Grilling steps
Slice the pork belly in uniform thickness to ensure even cooking. I suggest about 1/2-inch thickness so they’ll cook to tenderness quicker.
Cook the meat over charcoal or on a tabletop grill.